Wanna Get Away?

Yes, it’s true–traveling makes you healthier!

According to a joint study from the Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, in partnership with the U.S. Travel Association, women who vacation at least twice a year show a significantly lower risk of suffering a heart attack than those who only travel every six years or so.

Furthermore, traveling lowers your risk for depression. A study from the Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin found that women who vacation at least twice a year are less likely to suffer from depression and chronic stress than women who vacation less than once every two years.

So there are clear, scientifically-backed health benefits of traveling the world. Mentally, physically and emotionally, you can gain a lot from packing your bags and visiting places you’ve never been.

BUT, before you book your next trip abroad–take a look at what else can be done to make sure your health is your number one priority!

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