The Beauty of YOU–Yes, YOU TIME!

So many of us feel guilty about taking time for ourselves. And Women’s Gentle Care, Inc recognizes the pressures of work, school, and the home–These stressors can zap vital energy from our bodies!

It’s becoming extremely important for women to take the time to renew and nurture themselves for a healthier state-of-mind.

The very words “self-care” or “self-nurturing” sound selfish, especially to our natural intent to nurture others. We women tend to feel guilty and selfish because we don’t understand the difference between self-care/self-nurturing and self-indulgence.

Improving your life, life makeovers, reinventing yourself– whatever you want to call it, must start with self-nurturing.

We need to make sure we are receiving the empathy, time, attention, validation, and respect, needed. If not from someone else, definitely from ourselves ladies!

Self-care for women is imperative. So we recommend the following self-care strategies to help you take care of yourself and achieve a life of balance.

Recognize that self-care is not selfish
The concept of self-care refers to taking personal responsibility for one’s physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health. Practicing self-care is preventative, not selfish. Yet the concept of making self-care a priority remains controversial. For most of us, if we do not take care of ourselves, no one else will. So, self-care is anything but selfish. When women don’t make self-care a priority, they often feel like victims of something outside of themselves, in a position of restrictions and limitations. This prevents women from having rich and fulfilling lives.

Be your own best friend
What would happen if you treated yourself the same way you treat your best friend? You would likely be more attuned to your needs, your problems and your goals. You would be generous to yourself. You would love and honor your health and well-being.

Spend time alone
Spending quality time alone is anything but lonely. Spending time alone allows the rest of the world to continue spinning while you rest, refuel and regroup. Time alone can be as simple as sitting quietly outdoors or reading a book at the park.

Create supportive surroundings
Look around. Do you feel inspired by your surroundings, or do you feel tension? Create supportive surroundings by clearing the clutter of the stuff that drains you. Clear the clutter in your home, car or office. Clear clutter in relationships too, like those one-sided relationships. This will also help you balance the multiple roles you play as a woman.

Believe that saying “No” is okay
How many times have you said “yes,” “sure” or “no problem” to a request, only to immediately regret your response? Learning to say “no” is a skill, and it is a key self-care habit.

Rewrite your routine
Begin by scheduling your own priorities into your routine first. When your own priorities are fulfilled, allow others’ priorities on your schedule. Other people in your life may notice these changes. Share your plan with them, and explain the importance of your self-care. They will see the benefits of self-care reflected in your attitude and your approach to life!

Want to embark on more Self-Care Tips & Tricks?

Take a look at the following Apps–That’s right putting yourself first can be as simple as being at your fingertips.

Despite common beliefs meditation doesn’t have to be done on a cushion. Plug yourself in next time you’re on the loo. Calm app offers free guided meditation sessions starting at 3 minutes.


Paying for apps might go against your beliefs, but for daily zen, who’s really counting?

Sleep Easily Meditations

This free app aims to better your sleep hygiene as nothing derails a good day like a rough night sleep.

Acupressure: Heal Yourself

Skip the hefty bill and have a go at using pressure points to relieve anxiety and stress.

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